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Happy New Year

Greetings People of the Internet!  First off, Happy New Year!  The last twelve months have proven quite interesting, yes?  Whether good or bad, I think the term “interesting” is fairly safe here.  I can’t say my 2011 has been all that great, but it’s certainly been interesting.  I do hope, however, that you’ve had a good year.  🙂

One other quick note; in case you’re wondering what happened to Grieg, he died of heart failure in 1907.  And in case you’re wondering what happened to grieg.gotdns.com (my former domain name), I finally bit the bullet and purchased a real address for this trite little blog: nlvocables.com.  If you subscribe, you may want to update your links (although I intend to leave grieg.gotdns.com alive and forwarding for as long as the internet allows).  Please let me know if you have any issues.

As usual, keep the comments and questions coming.  Best wishes for a successful 2012!