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Measuring Telluric Currents – First Trial

Way back in November of last year (2010), I wrote a short little article on telluric currents, their history, and related applications.  Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with this topic (as I was prior to November of last year), here’s … Continue reading

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Explaining the XMega XPlained (Dev. Board)

About two months ago, Atmel announced a smart new set of AVR development boards, the XPlained series.  One of these boards (which I’ve just recently purchased for $30) boasts a shiny new AVR XMega microcontroller.  What?  An XMega you say?  … Continue reading

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Fun with Failure

Have you ever come up with a neat idea?  An idea for some really useful sort of device?  And then you find out that it is, at least for now, a physical impossibility? I had just such a neat idea … Continue reading

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Better Than Watching Paint Dry

Quick, what’s made of glass, filled with tar, and is considered by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the longest continuously-running laboratory experiment?  No, this isn’t a memorial for the Gulf Oil Spill; it’s the famous Pitch Drop … Continue reading

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