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Fun with Failure

Have you ever come up with a neat idea?  An idea for some really useful sort of device?  And then you find out that it is, at least for now, a physical impossibility? I had just such a neat idea … Continue reading

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Unique Energy Storage

What do you think poses the greatest challenge for technological advancement today? Well if you were to ask me, I’d say energy – both its creation and storage.  This may be obvious, but without sufficient energy, manufacturing, research, and educational … Continue reading

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The Doom Box: Part II

Well after completing the first version of my oddly-named “Doom Box” I set out to quantify its performance. Just how much energy was I collecting with my solar panels? How much was I using? This part of a project is, … Continue reading

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Reviving a Failed Inverter

In my last post I discussed the building of a solar-powered “reverse UPS” called the Doom Box (a name given for, really, no good reason). To briefly recap, its purpose was to capture, store, and convert solar energy into AC … Continue reading

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The Doom Box: Part I

I’ve long had a fascination for renewable energy – be it from wind, solar, or hydro-electric sources. Perhaps it’s just my penchant for penny-pinching, but the idea of free and (virtually) unlimited energy is something I find quite appealing. So, … Continue reading

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