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Review: TI’s High-Power LED Driver Evaluation Board

On my desktop, I keep a list of miscellaneous parts I’d like to buy at some point (e.g. power resistors, laser diodes, etc).  Parts not destined for any specific project, just things that I’d like to toy with.  Well for … Continue reading

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Picking The Right Output

The other day I ran across a publication from Allegro MicroSystems which was filled with an extensive list of terms and definitions for IC outputs. For instance, do you know the difference between a bipolar and a unipolar output? Well, … Continue reading

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The $868.73 Op-Amp

Yes, you read that right; this here is an $868.73 operational amplifier, the Apex PA50A: It doesn’t look like much, does it? Well at only ~1.5″ square, it’s not much larger than most power transistors. However, I can guarantee you … Continue reading

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ThinkPad T43p, T61p Power Consumption Tests

One of my biggest hobby electronics projects thus far has been the development of a solar power system, used primarily for home automation (for details see Part I and Part II). In the past, I’ve used it to partially power … Continue reading

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Scotty, I need more power!

Today is Monday, October 11, 2010. What does this mean for you? I’m not sure really… how are you? For me, it means entering my seventh week of job hunting. Actually I’ve been looking for longer than that, but I’ve … Continue reading

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