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Picking The Right Output

The other day I ran across a publication from Allegro MicroSystems which was filled with an extensive list of terms and definitions for IC outputs. For instance, do you know the difference between a bipolar and a unipolar output? Well, … Continue reading

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The $868.73 Op-Amp

Yes, you read that right; this here is an $868.73 operational amplifier, the Apex PA50A: It doesn’t look like much, does it? Well at only ~1.5″ square, it’s not much larger than most power transistors. However, I can guarantee you … Continue reading

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When Regulators Just Won’t Cut It

Now here’s a cool part that anyone interested in electronics should know about: the V-Infinity V78xx. These small devices are DC-DC buck converters which can source up to 2A and are designed as drop-in replacements for TO-220 package linear regulators: … Continue reading

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