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Improve Your Swing with the Garmin Impact

Phone with Impact SensorWhether you’re into baseball or softball, the Garmin Impact bat swing sensor is the training aid you’ve been looking for.  The Impact is a bat-mounted sensor that provides measurements and feedback on players’ swings, and makes immediate recommendations for improvement.  It does this via an on-device display, as well as through an accompanying mobile app. Take a look:

The Garmin Impact is powered by a pair of inertial sensors, which together sense the orientation and position of the player’s bat throughout their swing.  This allows it to compute five metrics: bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, elevation angle, and attack angle.  It can also display the full swing path in 3D via a mobile app, with color-coding to indicate areas of high (red) and low (green) bat speed, with impact indicated by a purple line.

Now while other bat sensors exist today, the Impact is the only one to provide an interactive, on-device display, which allows for operation without a phone/tablet nearby.  Just take a swing, then turn over your bat to view your five metrics, as well as a coaching tip (optionally shown every three swings).  This instant feedback allows you to quickly make adjustments to improve your swing or to train for different scenarios.
Phone with Impact on Bat
The Impact mobile app allows you to explore your swings in full 3D detail, and provides images and extended descriptions to the shortened coaching tips displayed on the device.  It also allows users to create and customize multiple bats and batters (as the device itself has only two buttons, entering batter names would be a headache).  The app also enables your phone’s camera to capture swings, with triggering provided by the sensor itself.  All you have to do is select “RECORD” and then point your phone at the batter – the sensor and app do the rest via their BLE link.
Phone with Video Screenshot SmThe sensor is ready to ship today via Garmin’s website and Amazon.  The mobile app may be downloaded for free via both Google Play and iTunes.  Any questions, please post them!  I’d like to think I’m somewhat uniquely qualified to answer. 🙂 Oh, and the Impact sensor marks the first product on Garmin’s Baseball and Softball page, so stay tuned for more new and exciting tech on the way!