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Fun with FLIR

A little while back I posted about testing a Nichrome heater using a FLIR thermal camera. While I had the opportunity, I snapped a couple other pictures. First off, my laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p. As you may have guessed, the top image of the following composite was taken with the FLIR camera. The orange areas indicate high temperatures while the blue areas indicate lower temperatures.

Lenovo T61p Thermal Image

While it may look like flames are shooting out the left side of the laptop, that’s actually just the desk being heated by the CPU fan. And I’m sure you can guess where the processor is located – just under the caps lock. On the lower right part of the hand rest, you can also see the outline of my three fingers in blue. But those aren’t my fingers – what you’re seeing is merely a thermal “shadow” left by a brief touch that slightly cooled the plastic.

You’ll also notice that the screen is warmest right along the bottom edge. I’m guessing that’s where the back-light is located. And in case you’re wondering, the highest temperature in this image is approximately 95F.

Soldering Iron Thermal Image

This second and final image is, you guessed it, a soldering iron. And as you can see, the hottest part of this particular iron (indicated by white) isn’t the tip, but just above the tip. I also noticed that the iron’s temperature controller wasn’t all that accurate. The hottest point in this image is just over 600C, while the iron’s controller claimed 800C. Perhaps I hadn’t given it time to ready a steady-state temperature distribution?