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Measuring Telluric Currents – First Trial

Way back in November of last year (2010), I wrote a short little article on telluric currents, their history, and related applications.  Now, in case you’re unfamiliar with this topic (as I was prior to November of last year), here’s … Continue reading

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Plasma for Waste Disposal?

Plasma.  You’ve probably heard of it before (and hopefully somewhere outside of Best Buy).  It is the fourth state of matter (the first three being solid, liquid, and gas), in which molecules have been split apart into their most basic … Continue reading

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Telluric Currents and the Earth Battery

(So it turns out I can pack boxes faster than expected!  Unfortunately that means I’m now just killing time until tomorrow when I load everything into the truck and head off for my new job in Waterloo, Iowa.  But here’s … Continue reading

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Unique Energy Storage

What do you think poses the greatest challenge for technological advancement today? Well if you were to ask me, I’d say energy – both its creation and storage.  This may be obvious, but without sufficient energy, manufacturing, research, and educational … Continue reading

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