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Welcome!  This page, as you might guess from the title, is dedicated to you, the reader!  So how are you doing today?  What brought you here?  Do you subscribe?  Were you directed here by the Google?  Or perhaps Hack a Day?  I’ll also accept answers to the following, or really, any other questions you might dream up:  Where are you from?  What do you do for fun?  And, of course, what do you think of my little corner of the internet? 😀

Feel free to post whatever you’d like in the comments section below.  Thanks for visiting!  (If you’d like to contact me, offer me a fun job, or insult me privately, try my contact form.)

13 thoughts on “About You”

  1. Hi, I’m Stefan from Tacoma, WA. I came in from hackaday, and added you to google reader after the second(?) post. I like how well you document your work that you put up here. I also appreciate how you introduce a topic on the basic level, but then take it further, expanding the range of your potential readership to both beginners and advanced readers.

    Also, I like that the posts aren’t just “here’s what I did, here is the circuit, etc.” You actually talk about the intermediate steps, what worked and what didn’t, and the theory behind why some things didn’t work. Your writing is very readable.

    Keep it up!

    1. Hi Stefan! It’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ve heard Washington is a nice place to live – I almost got the chance to visit for an interview with Boeing, but wound up at their St. Louis event instead. Anyway, thanks so much for your compliments, I really appreciate the encouragement! As a thank-you, here’s a selection from my archive of amusing internet pictures:

      1. yo, I totally showed you that picture first. That being said, I should probably check up on your blog more than twice a year. my bad <3

        1. No, no you didn’t. I definitely got this from a grad student in the former RPI Mechatronics lab. But thanks for trying. 😛

  2. Hi there mike, I found your site linked from an Airsoft website, I’m doing ok, I’m from Ontario in Canada. The things i do for fun are playing sports such as hockey, paintball, snowboarding, swimming and cross country running, I also like to read fiction novels and wood working. I absolutely believe that your site is absolutely brilliant with all the it’s wonderful articles.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for posting, I’m glad to meet you! I actually now work with a guy at John Deere who’s from somewhere in Ontario and he really loves the place. You’ve got quite a cool and diverse set of hobbies there! Awesome. And thanks so much for your compliments!

  3. hey mike,
    i found your website on launch pad wiki.Really loved the article on the refrigerator.Reminds me of the stuff i did to my fridge.I ‘m from Bangalore,India.Currently an undergrad at BMSCE.I’m interested in anything that has an LED on it and adventure sports.This is one of the best websites i ve come across and m looking forward for newer posts.

    1. Hi Suraj,

      Thanks for posting, I’m glad to hear from you! You’ve got some cool articles on your site as well. Will you be posting on your site about your own fridge project? Let me know. And thanks for the blogroll link!

      1. hi mike,
        it was not a project.I broke our fridge at home costed 6000 bucks to get it repaired(was curious wat was below the ice in freezer and chiseled my through to the pipes which leaked freon i think ). I had some problems working on msp430 last year for TI competition so thought of helping out my friends this year.please give me some input on what else i can add to complete the tutorials on msp.

  4. Hi, I found your site searching for Pulse Modulation of LED to save power. Good stuff all around the blog. How is your current employer treating you?

    1. Hi Dale, thanks for your comment!

      Well, I suppose Deere has been treating me very well lately. I haven’t posted much for the past few months because I just recently relocated to Cary, NC to be closer to our turf care facility. It’s a much, much nicer location than Waterloo, IA, in my opinion! And Deere paid all of my relocation expenses, and then some. So I’m pretty pleased. Though, frankly, my actual job still isn’t very interesting. But there are opportunities.

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