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Marti and MeHello!  Welcome to Non-Lexical Vocables.  I’m Michael (Mike) Kleinigger – “just this guy, you know?”  I received my MS in Electrical Engineering from RPI (August 2010) and my BS in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (also from RPI) back in May of 2009.  I’ve been a network technician (probably my favorite job), an undergraduate research person (URP), an undergraduate teaching assistant (TA), an “Automation Technologies Intern” with Monsanto, a graduate research assistant (RA), a graduate teaching assistant (TA), the LVP of an intramural basketball team, and general fix-it guy.

My research at RPI ranged from thrust-vectoring to laser measurement to fuel cell test stands.  After graduation, I received job offers from Dow AgroScience, National Instruments, Garmin, John Deere, and Boeing.  After considering all of my options, I went with John Deere, and was employed there for four years as an Engine Controls Applications Engineer working on ECU software.  I also helped to manage the electronic integration of Yanmar diesel engines into some of our smaller tractors, skidsteer loaders, and turf care equipment.  I made it to Japan twice in that role.

In November of 2014 I left Deere for a new position with Garmin as an Advanced Solutions Engineer (think R&D).  I now work on everything from acoustic communications to baseball sensors.

By the way, you should definitely check out my interview with EEWeb!  And in case you’re interested in employing me, here’s my latest resume.

Past Projects and Employers:

Links to Other Stuff I’ve Done:

Now that I have a real website, I thought I should just consolidate everything I’ve done online.  Some of this stuff is quite old (10+ years), and I’m surprised it’s still around.

  • NIWeek 2007 – Self-Balancing Unicycle Impromptu Video
  • Experts Exchange (IT Help Forum) Username: YohanShminge
  • TICalc.org (TI Calculator Fan Site) Username: Yohan Shminge!
  • ZealGames – my first website, created about twelve years ago.  I find it hilarious that my pages on SimCity 2000 and SimTower are still both on Google’s first results pages, even after a decade of inactivity.  The whole site seems pretty tacky now.  But wow, I spent so long making that animated elevator GIF…

Final Thoughts:

  • To contact me privately, feel free to use the contact form.
  • I’d love to hear more about you and how you found my blog.
  • The header image is an HDR shot I took of the RPI Biotech Center.
  • And of course, many thanks for visiting!

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  1. Michael
    Congratulations. Your projects look very cool. They remind me of my time in the engineering school. I hope you end up in a company where you can utilize your skills. The economy it tough, but got always has a plan for His children. Greetings to your family.

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