Log File Analysis and You

I’ve developed something of an obsession with my web server’s log files…

Don’t ask me why, but I find it thrilling to look through these piles of data.  To see where my visitors are coming from, what browsers they’re using, how many times they’ve visited…  Wow.  And I look at my site’s stats practically every morning (yea, I need a life).  So, given that its the first of the month, I thought I might share some of this data with you.  Why should I have all the fun, right? 🙂

But first, I’d like to mention my fancy new “About You” page.  Now I’ve had an “About Me” page for quite some time which explains who I am, what I do – pretty typical stuff.  But the other day I ran across a “Who Are You” page on another blog and thought it was brilliant.  Obviously, log files only say so much, and in case you don’t know, they’re pretty impersonal.  So I’d like to hear from you directly – what brought you here?  What do you think of the site?  What do you do for a living?  Things like that.  So if you’re feeling particularly verbose, stop by and introduce yourself.  And thanks for visiting!

We now return to your regularly-scheduled posting on Non-Lexical Vocables’ first two months (September and October, 2010) of server log files!

Most Used Browsers (September - October, 2010)

First off, I’d like to congratulate a good chunk of my readers on their selection of a web browser.  Firefox is my weapon of choice when battling the internet, and I’m glad to see that 46% of my visitors agree.   Google Chrome is certainly excellent as well, but I’m hesitant to give those guys any more power over the internet than they have already (it’s laughable, I know).  Here are my site’s top ten browsers, ranked by visitors:

Rank Browser Hits Visitors % of Total Visitors
1 Firefox 231666 10494 46.2
2 Google Chrome 68648 3277 14.4
3 Internet Explorer 8.x 22770 1025 4.5
4 Safari 18029 886 3.9
5 Opera 19152 754 3.3
6 FeedDemon/3.1 803 754 3.3
7 Apple-PubSub/65.20 844 639 2.8
8 Mozilla/4.0 (compatible) 1479 637 2.8
9 Internet Explorer 7.x 7388 547 2.4
10 Akregator/1.6.5 552 534 2.4

By the way, in case you’re thinking that my use of Firefox has skewed these results, don’t worry.   The percentages above are calculated based on visits, not hits.  In other words, I might make 100 hits on my server in the process of writing and editing a post, but that only counts as one visit as long as each consecutive hit occurs within 30 minutes.

By the way, all of the statistics in today’s post were computed using a nifty free program called WebLog Expert Lite (Version 6.7).   Works like a charm, it does!

Site Visitors (September - October, 2010)Next up, a plot of NLV’s visitors versus time.  This is definitely one of my favorite graphs.   You can clearly see the “Hack a Day Effect” at four points during the last two months.  Any other mention of my site on the interwebs has paled by comparison.  The following table lists the referring sites associated with any significant blips on the graph (the red labels above were added by me after this graph was generated; again, yes, I need a life):

  1. Sept. 07 – Hack a DayMeasuring Projectile Velocity
  2. Sept. 21 – Hack a DaySo You Want to Use PWM, Eh?
  3. Oct. 02 – StumbleUponSo You Want to Use PWM, Eh?
  4. Oct. 04 – XCore ExchangeEnter the XMOS
  5. Oct. 08 – Hack a DaySupercaps for the Win!
  6. Oct. 12 – Electronics LabTesting TI’s Launchpad
  7. Oct. 20 – Electronics LabThe AVR AM Radio Transmitter
  8. Oct. 20 – Hack a DayThe AVR AM Radio Transmitter
  9. Oct. 24 – Forum.Eralle.NetMeasuring Projectile Velocity

That last site you’ll probably want translated.  Might I recommend the Google for that?

Visitor Operating Systems (September - October, 2010)Finally, let’s take a look at visitors’ operating system usage.  Again, I’m pleased to see the greatest number of hits coming from machines running Windows XP and 7 (Win 7 being my personal favorite).  I find it rather amusing that two operating systems separated by eight years are still seeing about equal use (at least here).  So much for Windows Vista.   I’m glad to see Linux is coming in strong as well!   Unfortunately I don’t have exact stats on which distros are visiting, but I’ve seen more than a few Ubuntu users stop by.

Rank Operating System Hits Visitors % of Total Visitors
1 Windows XP 118536 6326 28.7
2 Windows 7 133546 5026 22.8
3 Others 9911 3769 17.1
4 Linux 55505 3037 13.8
5 Mac OS 34096 1805 8.2
6 Windows Vista 22618 1203 5.5
7 iPhone 3083 180 0.8
8 Windows Server 2003 3010 170 0.8
9 BlackBerry 3417 147 0.7
10 Android OS 2084 103 0.5

Well that’s about all the statistics I’ll bore you with this round.  In total, I’ve seen 22,188 visits from 12,246 unique IP addresses.  And If I may say so, I think that’s pretty good for a first two months’ operation.  Still no employment for me though.  But as always, if you’ve got questions or comments, don’t hesitate to write!

2 thoughts on “Log File Analysis and You”

  1. *Hu-hum*
    First you say “Google Chrome is certainly excellent as well, but I’m hesitant to give those guys any more power over the internet than they have already” and then you say “Might I recommend the Google for that?” 🙂

    Not that there’s much competition, for Finnish at least. Bottom line: Google, whether evil or not, make some good products, Chrome and Translate being two of them. And then there’s always Chromium, which is the 100% open source flavour.

    And then there’s the Vista irony. I just looked over some old random images and found this picture from back in the day…

    1. Haha, I guess you’ve got me there!

      When it was first released, I did give Chrome a try, but stayed with Firefox because Chrome lacked any good plugins at the time. Now I guess you can find pretty much anything you need. And yea, I still haven’t found much that rivals Google Translate!

      Great picture as well; I’d never seen that one. I guess the dog didn’t make it… Anyway, thanks for the comment!

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