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What Is It?

Alright, quiz time.  Can you identify the source of following picture?  Hint: it is the inside of a common electronic device (measuring 3″ x 4″): No luck yet?  How about we add the second layer of circuitry: Still uncertain?  Those … Continue reading

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Explaining the XMega XPlained (Dev. Board)

About two months ago, Atmel announced a smart new set of AVR development boards, the XPlained series.  One of these boards (which I’ve just recently purchased for $30) boasts a shiny new AVR XMega microcontroller.  What?  An XMega you say?  … Continue reading

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The EEWeb Forums

So I don’t often plug websites, but lately I’ve been browsing EEWeb and have found it to be quite a useful and even entertaining resource.  You’ll find a wealth of informative articles on topics ranging from power management to PCB … Continue reading

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LabVIEW: Storing Diverse Data

Well it’s hard for me to believe, but I’ve now been using National Instruments LabVIEW for six years.  I started off with LabVIEW v7.1 and have used every version since (it’s now called LabVIEW 2010).  So I’m definitely a fan.  … Continue reading

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Hard Drive Failure…

So just FYI, my server’s hard drive partially corrupted last week.  I have no idea why.  I was able to peer through my log files and saw nothing unusual.  So, my apologies for the downtime Wednesday through today.  But, obviously, … Continue reading

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