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Telluric Currents and the Earth Battery

(So it turns out I can pack boxes faster than expected!  Unfortunately that means I’m now just killing time until tomorrow when I load everything into the truck and head off for my new job in Waterloo, Iowa.  But here’s … Continue reading

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Job: Acquired

Plus: Why you shouldn’t keep your hotel room key in the same pocket as your phone. Well, it’s finally happened.  After forty-five applications, twelve weeks, eleven interviews, five hotels, and five offers, I’ve finally accepted a full-time job.  And while … Continue reading

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Magnetostriction (aka: Why Transformers Hum)

Have you ever wondered why transformers hum?  I have.  And no, it’s not because they don’t know the words.  But seriously, at first thought, it makes no sense.  They’ve got no moving parts, and how can something produce sound without … Continue reading

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The Mechatronics TVIP (+Video)

Today’s post is going to be a trip down memory lane for me.  The TVIP or Thrust-Vectoring Inverted Pendulum was my very first real engineering project in college.  My good friend Alex and I constructed it almost five years ago, … Continue reading

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Fun with Failure

Have you ever come up with a neat idea?  An idea for some really useful sort of device?  And then you find out that it is, at least for now, a physical impossibility? I had just such a neat idea … Continue reading

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