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LabVIEW: Managing Interactive SubVIs

I do a lot of LabVIEW programming. Quite a lot, in fact. Fortunately, I rather enjoy a good block diagram. Plus, the ability to work with virtual instruments (VIs) for control and data acquisition seems highly prized at RPI. Either … Continue reading

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A Shiny Box of Fuel Cells

This week I completed the last of what RPI requires for a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Since I’d finished my thesis in the spring, I only needed three more credits to graduate. So I opted for a … Continue reading

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Three Down, Forty-three to Go!

Last weekend I was back in the Adirondacks, hiking two more of the high peaks with a couple good friends. The weather was absolutely gorgeous – temperature no more than 60F, sunny, nearly unlimited visibility. We started out from the … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Uses for a Welder

Last week at work I was given the challenge of designing a custom heat sealing tool for one of our automated manufacturing systems. Since a lot of impulse heat sealers use strips of Nichrome foil as heating elements, we thought … Continue reading

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